José Lúcio M. Ferreira

E-mail: presidencia@expocachaca.com.br / joseluciomferreira@gmail.com 
Cell Phone Number:  (31) 99813-9731

Academic Background
Graduated in Tourism in 1978 with an intensive and higher course in Marketing from RANMA, (Precursor of ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) and a course in Tourism and Hotel Management in Lisbon, Portugal

Published book: “Cachaça, O Espírito Mineiro” supported by the Rouanet Law and sponsored by CEMIG, SEBRAE and PRODUTORES.

  • Founder and President of Expocachaça- Fair and International Cachaça Festival of Belo Horizonte, held annually, since 1998, at Expominas in June, and Expocachaça Dose Dupla- held at Mercado Municipal Paulistano, Mercadão, annually, in September
  • President of Brasilbier – Feira da Cerveja Artesanal (Craft Beer Festival) held together with Expocachaça;
  • Founder and President of CBRC- Brazilian Cachaça Reference Center;
  • Founder and Director of Promotions at IBCA – Instituto Brasileiro da Cachaça de Alambique.
  • Vice-President of Institutional Relations of SINDIPROM – Union of Event Promoters of Minas Gerais;
  • Consultant and Speaker on cultural matters, events, tourism and agribusiness;
  • Cultural Producer;
  • Writer on tourism, events, agribusiness and culture;
  • Member of the Minas Gerais Business Tourism Network of Belo Horizonte;
  • He was a member of the Municipal Tourism Council-COMTUR
  • Member of the Minas Gerais Gastronomy Front
  • Member of the Advisory Board of AMIGA-Associação Mineira de Gastronomia
  • Expocachaça – International Cachaça Fair and Festival, held since 1998 and anchor event, at the invitation of the Government of Minas, from 2005 to 2013 by Superagro-Minas;
  • Expocachaça Dose Dupla, held for 4 years, at Mercado Municipal Paulistano, Mercadão;
  • UNIMED-BH – Música ao Pé das Árvores – Creator and director of the event, 210 events held and more than 1 million participants;
  • Extra Hour on Friday former Telemig – 15 Events;
  • Ao Pé das Mangueiras – 14 Events held at Copasa;
  • Serenade at the JK Memorial – Brasília;
  • 1st Cachaça and Golf Tournament for Ambassadors, Authorities and Businessmen – Brasília;
  • Tiradentes Gastronomy Festival, setting up a stand in the Scenographic City and participating in the Festins, harmonizing cachaça with the dishes of international chefs;
  • Implementation of Cachaça Menus and Cachaça Clubs in Porcão, Baby Beef, Tiradentes, Butiquim do Frade Restaurants and Steakhouses, among others.
  • Holding of the event “The best of Minas Festivals” and edition of an album with the winners, which had the sponsorship and support of the Minas Gerais Government and Rede Globo Minas.
  • Gastronomy Festival – Farturas – Lectures (Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza -2014 and 2015)
  • 1999- Introduction and launch of Cachaça on VARIG’s international routes;
  • 1999- Festa do Sete de Setembro (September Seven Feast) for guests of the Brazilian Embassy (700 guests) – Location Palácio La Redoute – Bonn – Germany. Dinner with Mrs. Nelsa do Xapuri and Coquetel with cachaça from Minas Gerais;
  • 1999- Commercial Meeting for the Commercialization of Cachaça de Minas, Location: London – England;
  • Exhibition of 500 years of Brazil – Colony – Germany – Sponsored by Varig and Deustch Velle (voice of Germany – Radio) Cocktail with cachaça from Minas Gerais;
  • BTI- England Tourism Exchange, assembly and operation of the Central Bar of the Brazil booth, coordinated by Embratur, serving caipirinha and cachaça from Minas Gerais;
  • 2000- BTL – Portugal Tourism Exchange – Assembly and operation of the central bar of the booth in Brazil, coordinated by EMBRATUR, serving caipirinha and cachaça from Minas Gerais, Location: BTL – Portugal Tourism Exchange;
  • 2000 –FITUR – Madrid- Spain- Assembly and operation of the Central Bar at the Brazil booth, coordinated by EMBRATUR, serving caipirinha and cachaça from Minas Gerais;
  • 2000- BTM- Milan-Italy Tourism Exchange, Assembly and operation of the Central Bar at the Brazil Booth, coordinated by EMBRATUR, serving caipirinha and cachaça from Minas Gerais;
  • 2000- Rolling Stones Nightclub- 20th Anniversary of the Milan-Italy Tourism Exchange, honoring Brazil- Assembly of the central Bar, serving caipirinha and cachaça from Minas Gerais;
  • 2000-Party of the Brazilian Embassy in Paris – France – for the Ambassador’s guests – 700 guests, Assembly of a caipirinha and cachaça bar from Minas Gerais;
  • 2000 – Brazilian Embassy – Paris – France- Commercial Meeting to introduce cachaça from Minas to the French market;
  • 2000- Berlin Tourism Fair – Germany – assembly and operation of the central Bar of the Brazil booth, coordinated by Embratur, serving caipirinha and cachaça from Minas Gerais.
  • Founder and its first Vice-President of the Minas Gerais Association of Tourism Bachelors;
  • 2nd Secretary of Sindibebidas;
  • Marketing Director of ABRASEL-Association of Bars and Restaurants of MG;
  • Press Director for Abrasel-MG;
  • Vice-President of Abrasel-MG.
  • He was Director of the Belo Horizonte, Convention & Visitors Bureau in two administrations.
  • He was mentor and creator of the Brazilian Association of Cachaça Women;
  • He was mentor and creator of the first Confraria da Cachaça in São Paulo and is its patron.
  • 1971 to 1978 – Advisor to the Vice-Presidency of Banco de Crédito Real de Minas Gerais S/A;
  • 1979 and 1980 – appointed by the Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to inspect the agreement signed between the Government of Minas, EMBRATUR and the Municipality of Ouro Preto;
  • 1980 – He was appointed representative of the Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in the Inter-secretary Coordination Commission for the implementation of the System for the Protection of Natural Resources in the Area of Influence of the Metropolitan Airport of Belo Horizonte-Confins;
  • 1980 to 1985- Advisor to the Presidency of ADETUR-MG – Tourism Development Agency of Minas Gerais and Manager of Tourism Promotions at Turminas, successor to Adetur-MG;
  • He created, as Turminas Tourism Promotions Manager, the event “The best of Minas Festivals and recorded an LP with the 12 winners with the support of Rede Globo Minas;
  • 1985 to 1990- Technical Advisor of the Tourism Superintendence of the Sports, Leisure and Tourism Department;
  • 1990 – Left the state and founded Confeitaria Avelã;
  • 1993 – He sold his stake in Avelã and opened the Oficina Della Pizza e Della Pasta which later, in a new corporate arrangement, became the Cantina Dom Bertolli;
  • 1998 – Closed Cantina Dom Bertolli and an Events and Productions Company;
  • 1998 – Created Expocachaça- Feira and International Festival of Cachaça;
  • 1999 – Managed the Klaus Vianna Theater of the former Telemig;
  • 2000 – Created Cachaças do Brasil and opened a cachaça store at Bahia Shopping with an area of about 230 meters, a pioneer store and the largest in Brazil that had a partnership between Belotur and Bahia Shopping, this store was later transferred to Savassi, at Rua Paraíba, 1317, where it operated until 2006.
  • 2005 – Responsible for the Marketing Plan of the Cooperative of Cachaça Producers in the Southeast Region of Tocantins, hired by Sebrae-TO;
  • 2005 to 2009 – Gave numerous lectures for SEBRAE-MG, SENAC-MG, Newton Paiva College, Estácio de Sá College, UMA, FGV-São Paulo, Belotur, among others.
  • In 1997, he received the Pró-Música Trophy, as an Event Promoter, as an award “to those who, through personal, ethical and professional merits, stood out in music, in its different genres and categories” in 1996;
  • In 1997, he received the Pró-Música Trophy for the Música ao Pé das Árvores Project, in the Entertainment category,” as merit and recognition for the relevant collaboration, cultural support and outstanding services provided to music, in its different genres and categories, sublimating the Class, during the year 1996.”
  • In 2002, he received the title of honorary member of AMPAQ-MG – Minas Gerais Association of Quality Cachaça Producers for “his expression and activity in favor of this entity and its causes, as well as for the recognition of the numerous services provided to the Minas Gerais cachaça sector.
  • In 2005, he received the Superagro Minas-2005 Trophy, established by the Government of Minas, “for the relevant contribution made to the development of Agribusiness.”
  • In 2007, the Municipal Council of Councilors of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte honored Expocachaça for its relevance as an event in the official calendar of events in the municipality.
  • In 2012, the City Council of City Councilors of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte, honored Expocachaça for its 15 years.
  • In 2017 on Minas Gerais Gastronomy Day, he was honored with the Eduardo Friero Trophy
  • In July 2017, the Legislative Power of Santa Catarina, in a Special Session to the Santa Catarina Association of Producers of Cachaça and Quality Brandy – ACAPACQ, honored José Lúcio Mendes Ferreira, President of Expocachaça and the Brazilian Academy of Cachaça de Alambique, for the services provided in favor of Brazilian cachaça
  • 1996 – He was one of the Members of the Technical Mission of Producers and Entrepreneurs from Minas Gerais who visited, for 30 days, regions producing Cognac, spirits, Champagne, wines and universities, laboratories, bottle houses, cooperages and entities linked to the production of beverages in France;
  • 1997- He was one of the members of the Technical Mission of Producers and Mining Entrepreneurs who traveled to Scotland for 28 days with the objective of getting to know aspects of Whiskey production, its marketing, universities, laboratories, rural tourism enterprises, cattle breeding and salmon, and at the end of the trip he met with the Ambassador of Brazil in London, England.
  • He was a member of ABRAJET-MG – Brazilian Association of Journalists and Tourism Writers of Minas Gerais.
  • He is a columnist with articles published in magazines abroad and in several magazines and newspapers in Minas Gerais and Brazil about events, culture, tourism and agribusiness.
  • Editora Abril S/A – August 2009 Edition – Participated in the judging committee to choose the Ranking of the 20 Best Cachaças in Brazil, published in the special anniversary edition of Playboy Magazine in August 2009. This Ranking was used by Playboy Argentina Magazine, which published it in the 2010 edition. Participated in the judging committee to choose the ranking of the 20 best cachaças in Brazil, in the August 2011 edition. Suggested and developed for SENAC-MG, in 2010, the Course and the Apostille of the “Cachaça: Production, Marketing and Marketing, for the Department of Tourism and Hospitality.

CACHAÇA, O ESPÍRITO MINEIRO (Cachaça, The Spirit of Minas Gerais)

“The Highlands of Minas Gerais produce, in its almost nine thousand stills, the most appreciated cachaça in Brazil. Nowadays, through passionate and selfless contributions, the values of a cachaça are preserved in spaces of consumption, promotion, memory and also in works of cultural rescue, art and science, which can be appreciated in this work, which aims to bring to the light and freeze in time, for registration and reference, a little of the cachaça. A product that, due to its importance, is today a cultural heritage of Minas Gerais by State Law and a national drink of Brazil by Federal Decree.”

Learn more about the history and the entire universe of Cachaça production in Minas Gerais.

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